Security Solutions

Data Centre Monitoring

Server rooms are the heart of every company. Modac offers the optimal solution for Data Centre Monitoring. Keeping your servers in an optimal environment is essential. Having been in the computer facilities industry since 1985, we have developed the Axil Server Room Environment Monitoring and Control Facility that will monitor your server room 24/7.

Your IT department is able to receive notifications should the environmental conditions in your server room change. The notification will be received immediately by the 4 priority cell phone numbers loaded directly onto the Axil unit. A further 200 numbers can be sub-loaded onto our base station to receive these notifications.

Our Base Station will log all alerts and control events for auditing purposes.

Environmental condition changes include:

Room Temperature

  • Humidity
  • Flood
  • Exhaust Vents
  • Air-conditioner rotation & remote back up
  • Server and UPS Facilities Rooms

Access & Security

  • After hours access
  • Motion
  • Vibration
  • Biometrics
  • Water Detection
  • Up to 15 Sensors per input port.


  • Fire/Smoke Detection
  • System Fault
  • Gas Released
  • Low Gas   


  • Mains
  • UPS – Fault, Bypass, Low Battery, Output
  • Generator- Fault, Running/Stop, Low Fuel,
  • Fail to Start Fault
  • Selected Feeds – Aircon, Back up

The Control aspect of the Axil monitoring unit includes the remote cell phone activation and/or timed control of devices such as:

  • Air-conditioner Rotation and Remote Backup
  • Control
  • Door Locks
  • Start/Shutdown Generators
  • Switching Lighting on/off
  • Many other options

Other Facilities for monitoring and remote cell phone control:

  • Buildings, Offices, Stores, Cash Offices
  • Water tank levels and pump activation (Automatic or manual remote control)
  • Generator functions wired or wireless links



  • Digital inputs each with 2 messages, one for alert and one for alert restored.
  • Adjustable delays on each port, 10 mille-seconds to 166 minutes
    7 Day timer to control individual ports, enable or disable selected ports depending on the time and day of the week.
  • Internal battery low alert
  • Port statistics
  • All alerts are logged, stored, and forwarded by email at the customer’s request.
  • Individual message can be sent to specifically selected numbers.
    SMS or GPRS communications or GPRS with SMS backup
  • Over the air programming
  • 5 Day battery back-up
  • Listen in microphone
    Alert available via email
  • Drop call function allows up to 200 approved users to operate an output at no extra cost
  • Unit reports in daily with temperature and
  • humidity levels
  • Internal System Battery Monitoring

Call Centre Automation:

  • Specific alerts are sent to call centre for processing
  • Scheduling of call out technicians


  • Output ports with high amperage rated relay contacts to control a variety of equipment and products either latched or pulsed
  • Output ports can be controlled by the user (SMS) or programmable timer (two per day, on and off)
  • Confirmation messages sent when outputs are switched on or off by the timer or SMS


  • Over the air programming, changes to the configuration and recipient numbers are changed with seconds
  • Send alarm conditions anywhere on the planet
    Control your facilities from anywhere on the planet (Aircon, door, lights, generator, etc.)
  • A variety of statistics available from the Axil unit
  • Password controlled
    Listen in caller restriction to certain numbers, this feature is used when the customer is not sure of the alert. A simple call to the room will pass programmed numbers to the microphone.
  • Dual monitoring, our base station records all events, the recipient does not need to record events, statistics or alerts, these are obtainable from the base station

CCTV —-  Add Adelle Document here

Access Control

Biometric systems work by recording and comparing biometric characteristics. We offer finger print or facial recognition units, these units can also be programmed to use pin or card methods of identification.

Biometrics are of use in situations where there is a need to identify or verify a human being, such as entry control or time and attendance at the work place. They have an unsurpassed advantage over other security methods as they are intrinsically linked to an individual.

When an individual first uses, or is loaded on to the system, their identifying features are enrolled as a reference for future comparison. This reference may be stored in a central database or on a card (or both) depending on the needs of the application. When biometric recognition is required the individual’s biometric characteristics are recorded again and compared on the system to determine if there is a match.

Advantages of the Biometric System

Unlike other forms of authentication such as passwords or card systems biometric recognition provides a strong link between an individual and a claimed identity. It can guard against attempts to establish fraudulent multiple identities, or prevent identity fraud. It can process large numbers of individuals quickly and efficiently. New identities can be added easily when needed.

Server Room Air Conditioning

Down Blow – Hot isle/Cold isle

Modac Server Room Installations Specialists offer great solutions to Server Room Air Conditioning. Our Axil high quality and efficient system can handle any conditions, longevity and hot/cold isle design is key to our installations and long term maintenance strategy.

Free Cooling

Using state of the art and environment friendly systems for efficient systems that won’t let your customer down. Reliable automatic re-start is a must for any server system using the free cooling design. All Air Conditioning systems have remote GSM control option.


Remote GSM control option to control redundant units and start them up in case of emergency at anytime from anywhere.

Fire Detection and Protection for Data Centres

Server rooms represent the data hub of any business and therefore fire detection and suppression systems, in this space, should be a top priority. Server rooms are under enormous pressure to maintain operations without interruption. In the event of a catastrophic server room fire, a company may lose equipment, valuable company data, and possibly even human life.

Fires in server rooms are typically caused by faulty electrical circuits. Arson, corporate sabotage, and forces beyond our control such as lightning and power surges also increase the risk of fire. However, fire detection and suppression systems dramatically reduce these risks.

In the event of a fire, the most crucial step is early detection. Several advanced detectors are able to sense fire in its early stages and respond by sounding an alarm to warn people and by activating the fire suppression system. In your server room, the fire detection system’s main function is to warn you of a potential fire before it poses a real hazard and disrupts the normal flow of business.
The main server room fire suppression system of choice is a gas suppression system that:  doesn’t leave behind water or corrosive materials;  is safe to use in occupied spaces;  has minimal impact on the environment;  and reaches extinguishing levels in the required time.

  Benefits of fitting fire detection and suppression:

  • Peace of mind knowing that the company’s employees and valuables are safe i.e. computer equipment and costly server room hardware.
  • Protection of company data which represents the hub of all business communication.
  • Minimise the loss of productivity and efficiency through down time.
  • Company is covered for its Insurance requirements.
  • GSM alerting when used with the Axil server room monitoring system.